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 Castles in Torun    ☕  Spring blossoms  ️      Chillin' with my Rolls-Royce.


I’m an American working in Warsaw for fun. I love to travel and I’ve experienced close to thirty-five countries and over fifty different cultures. I’ve been shooting for quite a few years now, loving mostly landscape and architecture, because of the travel, but recently have been getting into doing portraits, people, fashion.. etcetera.

I consider myself an artist, so my hope is to attempt to create images and other works of art with other talented individuals that evoke originality. Everyone I know would agree that I am a free spirit or a hippy; and some would refer to me as a “modern day gypsy.” Creativity, hope and a sense of humor are key personality traits that I find enjoyable. So if you’re with me, you’re guaranteed to have an easy-going, smiley, good time! Other hobbies I enjoy: I love indie inventions, creative music, html coding, a dash of strategy gaming and eating crazy foods from around the world. I’m working on a perpetual motion machine prototype that will power a rocket ship to beyond light speed, however I’m having problems with ra-men and getting it started. Whatever.

I speak English and Spanish pretty fluently, but I can also understand words and sentences in Korean, Italian, Chinese, and quite a bit of Hawaiian Pidgin. While my Polish is not so fantastic I would love to be fluent someday.

Cheers! I hope you take a risk or plan a trip to somewhere exciting. It’s your life and you only live twice.

You can find me through email at benthomasmail(at)gmail.com or clicking the facebook link at the bottom.

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