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user this is the visual diary of ben thomas. <- follow along in my adventure and be stimulated by audio, visual and other sensory interactions. here's to you getting inspired, have a nice day!
 Autumn in London  picture by the sweetest @kakalooko  ,  &   🤓  ⚡H ❤️ P⚡   Island Junglylyfe  I  BKK  ️  🤵


Hi! I’m ben thomas, an American and designer currently participating in a masters of marketing program in Warsaw.

I’m a fan of adventure and love to travel 🌇. I’ve experienced at least forty countries and over fifty different cultures. I’ve been shooting 📷 photography for over ten years now, privately loving mostly landscape and architecture, because of travel, but also have been taking portraits, people, fashion 👜 and more, inspired by the latest trends and tech inventions 💡 in media.

I consider myself an artist 👨‍🎨, with a goal to attempt to create images and other works of art with other talented individuals that evoke originality, so creativity, philosophy and a sense of humor are key personality traits in people that I find enjoyable to be around.

I’m working on a perpetual motion machine prototype that will power a rocket 🚀 ship to beyond light speed, however I’m having problems with RA-men 🍜 and getting it started. Whatever.

I speak English 🇺🇸 and Spanish 🇲🇽 pretty fluently, but I can also understand words and sentences in Korean 🇰🇷, Italian 🇮🇹, and I grew up speaking Hawaiian Pidgin 🏖️. I have a lot to learn and while my Polish 🇵🇱 is not perfect, I would love to be fluent someday.

If you’d like to talk, drop me a line 📧! I’m happy to talk casually about design, development, travel, or your deepest darkest secrets 🦄.

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